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Medart Clinics Group was established in 1991 and currently has four sophisticated and advanced clinics.  The clinics’ staff has set itself a goal to lead the dental treatment market in Israel through professionalism and expertise, service quality and technological innovation for the benefit of our tens of thousands of customers.

The clinics were established to provide high-quality solutions for the most complex dental problems, including oral rehabilitation , dental implants and complex treatment under general anesthesia .  Our staff is equipped with advan ed tools to treat patients with dental anxiety and fear of going to the dentist.
 Doctors and multi - disciplinary specialists
Our treatment plans are custom built by a team of multidisciplinary experts. Examination, diagnosis and determining a treatment plan, which are the most important step in treatment, are performed by a team of dentists in various fields of specialization
Warranty on the Crowns Dental Implants
MedArt was founded in 1991, and as part of customer service and security we provide a warranty on crowns and implants.  The certificate assures customers of the full responsibility of the clinic and the manufacturer of the implants or crowns. 
Dental fear – You’ve come to the right place
About 50% of the population in the Western world considers itself "dentophobic."  Our doctors and staff are trained in the latest, most advanced treatment methods for relief and reduction of these fears. 
Dental treatment under general anesthesia and sedation
 Treatment under general anesthesia and sedation has become a leading method in dentistry in the world throughout the last decade because these treatments solve the problem of fear and time. 
Digital X-rays
Digital X-ray equipment, manufactured by the Finnish company Planmeca, allows us to get higher photo quality, while exposing the patient to about 10% of the radiation (compared with standard X-ray). 
Dental Laser
Medart clinics have three dental lasers, which are combined with various treatments when needed.
Comprehensivesolution to the patient
MedArt clinics have several areas of activity, enabling us to provide complete and safe treatment for our patients
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